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ByGeorge Bao

Mar 21, 2023
A proud rooster.

LOS ANGELES – Julien Chen, a six-year-old student at the Fairmont Schools in Anaheim Hills, California, won the second place at the kindergarten level at the 2023 K12 National Art Competition in the United States held in Virginia, it was announced by the organizer on March 21.

Julien wins second place at National Art Competition.

“We are live at K12’s headquarters in Virginia to reveal our 2023 K12 National Art Competition winners! This year we welcomed artwork from students in grades K-12 for a chance to showcase their talents on a national stage,” the organizer announced on FACEBOOK.

His painting ROOSTER shows his passion to art and mom.

Possible mediums included paintings, drawings, collages, prints, or a combination.

Prizes include Microsoft Surface tablets, virtual art lessons, and in-person experiences at Savannah College of Art and Design!

150 schools throughout of the United States participated in the competition.

Julien Chen painted this colorful rooster all by himself after learning his mom’s Chinese zodiac sign is the rooster.

Julien is painting his ROOSTER.

“His painting expresses his passion for art, life, nature, mommy, and the rainbow of colors,” the organizer announced.

Julien shows his talent in painting in 2022 when he won a book mark award at school.

Julien demonstrated his talent in painting last year when his artwork PETE THE CAT AND THE BAD BANANA was celebrated at the school’s Flag Salute. Julien won the Book Mark contest at school. His Book Mark was on display as a poster in the school’s Fairmont Library for one year.

Julien’s book mark is on display at the school’s library.


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