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ByGeorge Bao

Jan 13, 2023
Inauguration ceremony held to install AOA officials.
Inauguration ceremony held to install AOA officials.

LOS ANGELES – An inauguration ceremony was held on Thursday at the Los Angeles County Supervisors’ conference hall to install Asian Organizations Alliance and Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and other officials.

AOA board of directors were sworn in.

K T Leung was sworn in as Chairman and President of Asian Organizations Alliance by Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis. Also sworn in were Lucia Tam, Jennifer Liu, Jenny Li and Tim Chang as the Executive Team, and Carol Kwan, Don Chukiat Henry Leong, Maggie Soleimani, Joey Lai, Nhu-Ngoc Ong, Derek Ng, Steven Lee and Vianne Chen as Board of Directors.

New AOA president K T Leung makes remarks at the ceremony.

John Chiang, Michelle Freridge and Elvis Sae-Tang were installed as the Advisory Board.

John Chiang speaks at the ceremony.

Solis congratulated on the new board members and expressed her wish that the Asian Organizations Alliance will serve as a bridge to unite all the Asian communities in the county.

LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis makes a speech at ceremony.

She also used this opportunity to wish the Chinese and Asian communities a Happy Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rabbit.

Leung said at the ceremony that it is his honor to serve as the new Chairman and President of Asian Organizations Alliance. He said he would “work hard as a turtle to beat the rabbit” to play his role well.

Performance by Gege Qin.

The mission of the Alliance, he said, is to promote and support Asian and Pacific Islanders’ values by bringing together individual groups through cultural events, education, and community outreach.

He listed his objectives as to promote unity amongst various communities regardless of one’s origin, to support each other and promote common prosperity via campaigns and programs, to advocate universal cooperation and harmony through cross- border conferences, visits, and conventions, to act as bridges among a united Asian community with other ethnic communities and to exchange cultural knowledge and practices through events and exchange activities.


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