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League of CA Cities API Caucus Pledges to Promote API Community

ByGeorge Bao

Jul 1, 2016

By George Bao           June 18, 2016


Rosemead – The League of CA Cities API Caucus and the CA API Legislative Caucus Institute held a summer social reception Saturday evening in an effort to further promote the well-being of the diverse API community in the United States.


Congresswoman Judy Chu, who founded the League before she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009, is now Chair of the Congressional Asian pacific American Caucus. She said having served in the City Council of Monterey Park, “I understand first-hand the importance of a strong network of support and advancement training opportunities. The Caucus is a tremendous resource for API city officials.”

“It is so important to have a network for local and state elected officials to work together to make sure that we have good elected officials out there in public service,” Chu said at the event.

She said 2001 was the turning point when the League of CA Cities API Caucus was founded that since then, more Asian Pacific Americans have been elected to local, state and federal levels.

The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Caucus is a diversity caucus organized within the League of California Cities. The API Caucus serves as leaders to improve the quality of life, advocate on behalf of the API community, and provide resources to develop the next generation of leaders. There are more than 100 API local elected officials in California.





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